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Notable quotes and comments

“A lot of guys say they are solo players...but you sir are a solo player, just and a bass that's all you need! I really, really like your whole approach. Speechless, great job! ”
Larry Hartke, Hartke Systems

"Am listening to "Sunrise" - LOVE it!"
Vernon Reid, Living Colour

“The show opened with a set by solo bassist Alun Vaughan, who I’d been looking forward to meeting and hearing play for quite awhile now, and he did not disappoint; it was a short but focused set of intriguing music, played effortlessly and with good taste”
Seth Horan, singer/songwriter/solo bassist

“I think you really play well. You've carved more already than 90% of the folks out my hat's off to you”
Todd Johnson, acclaimed jazz bassist and educator

“The playing that struck me most was the bass work of Alun Vaughan which is quite sublime throughout."
Pete Whalley - Get ready To Rock (reviewing Panic Room's "Satellite")

“Amazing improv and technically flawless”
James Combs, ImprovFriday

"Alun's a wonderful bassist. He uses his technical command of the instrument and his broad musical understanding to create music that's rich and beautiful. He's an important voice in this emerging world of solo bass."
Michael Manring, leading solo bassist

"That's great man, very nice album and for a worthy cause.We do what we do for a greater purpose, that's what it's about"
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Guns N Roses on "The Kindness of Strangers"

"Very nice, great tone and really solid ideas in each track"
Bryan Beller, Dethlok/Steve Vai/Mike Keneally on "The Kindness of Strangers"

"This is a wonderful and surprising record, not your typical "solo bass" record as its so melodic and clever. Some of the playing reminds me more of Joe Pass than bass noodling. I was so pleased Alun did my song Big Sky, its a brilliant version. The melodic invention is inspirational."
Matt Stevens - solo artist/The Fierce And The Dead on "The Kindness of Strangers"

"It's a solo bass players album for people who hate solo bass players albums. My blood usually freezes in my veins when I hear the words 'bass solo album' but this is actually really very good. Just really good tunes which happen to be played on bass by a really tasteful player.You've converted me"
G.Jones, Basschat UK forum on "The Kindness of Strangers"

"It’s not about what Alun’s bass guitar can do, it’s about what it *can’t* do which – it seems – is very little. I had no idea a bass guitar was capable of so much!"
Caitlin Rowley, composer on "If"