The Obligatory Gear Page

I am very proud to endorse the Hartke VXL Bass Attack preamp.It's a fantastic tool for recording and live work, incorporating tube emulation, EQ and a great DI.


Yamaha TRB1006J 6 string
Cort Curbow 6 string
Yamaha SLB200 Silent Bass electric upright
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz 4 & 5 strings
Washburn MB6 fretless 6 string (pictured)
DeArmond Ashbory

Those are my main gigging and recording basses, I also own a couple of Aria 4 strings and an Alden violin bass copy.


Markbass LittleMark II head
Warwick LWA100o head
Markbass Traveler 210 cabinet


I own far too many effects, most of which rarely leave the house, but for gigs I usually use, in addition to the Hartke VXL preamp, some of the folowing:

Zoom B2.1u multi effect
Mxr M82 Bass Envelope Filter
ElectroHarmonix MicroPOG octave generator
Boss TU2 tuner
EBS Multicomp compressor
Ibanez PD7 Phathead distortion
Boss OC2 octave divider